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Auricular Therapy

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What clients are saying about it...

This FDA-approved therapy is endorsed by the World Health Organization for the effective treatment of 250 different health problems. It is widely used by physicians in Europe as part of their regular practices. Wholesome Massage & Natural Medicine now offers auricular therapy, which provides remarkable results, often instantly. It is known for alleviating pain, stress, headaches/migraines, allergies & sinus issues, other respiratory conditions, anxiety & depression, sleep issues, bladder control problems, acne & dermatitis, addictions,

and much more.

What is Auricular Therapy?

And Who Should Get It?

Origin & application

Auricular therapy (or auriculotherapy) is based on long-standing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and was modified and updated by Dr. Paul Nogier, the “father of auriculotherapy,” in the 1950s. The theory behind the therapy posits that when a symptom or disease arises in the body, it is projected onto the ear at a regular and measurable zone. The TCM model views disease as being caused by the imbalance of a person's energy or qi. The stimulation of auricular acupoints is, thus, intended to regulate qi, and in so doing, has been successful in treating a variety of health problems, including pain. It involves the increase or decrease of energy in points on the “auricle,” or outer ear (pinna) with mild electrical stimulation in order to restore balance, and therefore health, to different parts of the body. We have numerous clients who come in for what they call a major “attitude adjustment,” which results in less irritability and reactivity, and more patience, calm, and tolerance.


What Auricular Therapy is like

This unique therapy is widely utilized by primary care physicians in Europe, but by very few physicians in the US. It uses an electrical device that emits a mild and adjustable current. Practitioners identify areas of imbalance on the auricle of the ear which correspond to all areas of the body. Then, the mild electrical current is applied to the point to either raise or lower the energy in that point, to correct the imbalance. The therapy does not hurt–it feels like a vibrating poke and the intensity can be raised or lowered. Clients benefit most when the treatment is felt strongly, but not painfully. There are also different frequencies required for successful treatment of the different auricular points, and an experienced practitioner will know which frequency is appropriate for which points on the ear.

Side effects

There have been very few, mild side effects ever reported as a result of Auricular Therapy. A small percentage of people experience a slight dip in blood sugar or tiredness after treatment. 


Clients often feel immediate relief by the time treatment is finished, and others feel relief within 24 hours. Initially, more frequent therapy sessions are needed, especially for chronic, long-term conditions, and then the relief lasts longer and longer between subsequent sessions. With ongoing negative influences from our environment, like stress and physical demands, some clients feel best with sessions every two weeks or monthly. Others find they only need treatment a couple times a year. If significant structural damage is present, or lots of scar tissue, the results can vary. Regardless, this is a therapy that is so unique and effective, everyone should experience it.

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