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Who Are We?

We are a clinical massage and natural medicine practice that specializes in relieving:

Chronic pain | Headaches | Migraines | Injury Prevention | Postural Correction  Autoimmune | Digestive issues | Weight problems | Parasite Cleansing | Mold Detox |Root Cause | Dietary Issues | Blood/Stool/Urine labs | Supplements based on Biomarkers | Hormone Balancing | Private Yoga| and much more

We find the root cause of the problem, outline your unique massage or health treatment, teach you about your imbalances, and what you can do on your own to fix them. We take into consideration your work, hobbies, sleep patterns, how you drive, carry your children, etc. Our comprehensive services are designed to:


  • Reduce pain & improve your posture

  • Help preserve your structure, ligaments, discs & joints

  • Prevent future surgeries or pharmaceuticals

  • Improve digestive health

  • Alleviate anxiety & depression

  • Address sinus problems & allergies

  • Increase energy & improve sleep

Maybe you don't know what your body is trying to tell you but, you can take control of your own health right now! You can heal, find the root of the problem and learn what you need to know to stay pain free! You get one body in this life. Learn to nurture it with our support. Don't wait till your doctor tells you that you need surgery, a joint replacement or medication.

New Special:

$100 clinical massage monthly membership

This membership is to encourage our clients to iron out the fascia and combat daily wear and tear at least once a month. 1 60-minute clinical massage a month. Additional massages are also membership price of $100.  No contract, no cancellation fees, skip months needed without penalties. Members get treatment plans with self-care daily stretch routines customized to how an individual user their body. Members also receive free aromatherapy and muscle rub.  

Why join Wholesome?

  • All our services are designed for real healing.

  • We care. You matter to us so much that we offer support that's just a text away. We're on your team.

  • We educate our clients about what is happening with their bodies, track our progress, find the root cause and provide solutions.

  • We provide a written treatment plan with self-care tips and tricks to stay pain free while preserving the structure of the body (bones, joints, cartilage, tendons, ligaments).

  • Our approach is supporting the body in order to avoid pharmaceuticals and surgeries whenever possible.

  • Our team is highly trained in anatomy, biology and kinesiology.

  • Our team members follow scientific bodywork techniques.


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