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Our Team.

Wholesome has recently expanded to include team members who add even more expertise in healing the WHOLE person. All our team members are passionate about empowering clients with information, and we offer unique and effective therapies and specialties.

Hi, I’m Randi Keiser, founder of Wholesome, and I have been practicing for 4 years. I couldn’t be happier to serve my community. I specialize in deep tissue, sports recovery, trigger points and postural/structural massage therapies.


My mission is to not just bandage pain and problem areas that affect your daily life but to really find the root cause and teach you why you’re experiencing pain. I will teach you techniques that you can share with your family so that you can thrive together and strive for longevity by preserving your structure. This way I can help you heal your imbalances in the body that may prevent you from working long days, being present with your family and doing the hobbies that make you happy.


I want you to live life to the fullest and not be restricted by discomfort. I want to help you avoid unnecessary pharmaceuticals like pain killers, injuries and surgeries. I know I can help you truly heal and I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

I'm Kami, and I am a passionate and grounded massage therapist and energy worker of 3 years. My experience has come from practicing in a chiropractic clinic, a medical spa and from operating a successful mobile massage business. I offer several modalities ranging from neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue to Swedish massage and reiki.


I am patient and compassionate with strong customer service, communication and conflict resolution skills. Everyone is unique, as are their healing journeys, which is why I tune into each client to curate their ideal routine as I go.

I'm Valerie, and natural healing is woven into every fiber of my being. I became passionate about it through my own struggle. Decades ago, a medication was casually prescribed to me that had a devastating impact on my health. I struggled for years to get “back to normal.” What got me there was using a natural approach to healing. Now I feel even better than I did before, and I want everyone to be able to improve their lives with natural medicine.


I began my natural health practice in 2011 and then earned my Doctorate of Natural Medicine from the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine in Centennial, Colorado in 2018. My education included nutritional therapies, herbology, homeopathy, extensive knowledge of therapeutic supplements, and of course the body's complex systems. I've achieved certification in Auricular Therapy, which provides remarkable results for stress, pain, and a wide variety of health conditions. My certification in Nutritional Counseling was completed in 2017.

My specialties include:

· Back pain, joint pain, headaches

· Diabetic neuropathy

· Anxiety & stress

· Digestive problems

· Blood sugar issues

· Low energy/thyroid problems

· Autoimmune conditions

· Sleep problems

· Allergies/sinus issues

· Skin problems like eczema & dermatitis

Andi Rae Hill COTA/L

Integrative Nutrition Health Consultant,

Recreational and Rehabilitative Yoga Practitioner.

Andi has a degree in occupational therapy where she studied anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and rehabilitative practices for adults and children. After 6 years of working in long-term care and sub-acute rehab facilities where she observed the adverse world of disease management, she soon realized she wanted to help people access their healing from a more preventative approach. Years of studying and trials towards her own recovery from inflammatory bowel diseases by all natural techniques and dietary protocols encouraged her to attend school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to build a base of knowledge in holistic wellness for helping others heal from gut and life imbalances. Her health coaching service is a customizable program to help clients find long term health and wellness within the 12 areas that make up the integrative nutrition circle of life: health, home cooking, physical activity, social, relationships, career, education, joy, spirituality, home environment, creativity, and finances. Andi’s coaching style focuses on health, physical activity, home cooking, and energy work, yet there are many opportunities to address all areas of wellness. She works with her clients to identify which areas are most out of balance then helps to identify and implement the most beneficial lifestyle changes necessary to achieve your goals.

  In 2014 Andi dove into her personal yoga practice and experienced the magnification brought to her recovery when various yoga techniques were utilized. She sought out 200-hour YTT and Buti yoga certifications. She learned how yoga practices combined with conscious eating and self-care strategies can assist the healing process of mind and spirit, as well as treating the physical body in a rehabilitative and preventative manner. Her background in OT is naturally integrated in designing a personalized yoga session with her clients and will complement your goals set with your massage therapist treatments. This style of yoga can support injury prevention and recovery, improve flexibility, increase strength, promote weight-loss and internal detoxification, boost confidence, and provide an opportunity to explore spirituality. 

Movement, mindset, and metaphysics can be intertwined into each session as it pertains to the client. Andi offers private yoga sessions, integrative nutrition health coaching, breathwork and meditation with the option to work with crystals and herbs for energy enhancement, and quick consultations to design a personalized japa mala {prayer/mantra garland} made up of intentionally selected crystals and stones chosen to aid and stimulate your distinct energetic harmony. Malas are always hand knotted and instilled with pure and specific intention for the wearer to activate during yoga practice, meditation, and everyday life. 

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