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Meal Prep Coaching

How does it work?

Step 1- Let’s talk

To set you up for success, we’ll talk about your health history, what you love to eat, dietary restrictions, and your goals. I also include a 300-question assessment to pinpoint where your digestion needs healing, precise diet and meal plan guidance, supplement recommendations, and hands-on guidance and support to implement those recommendations.

Step 2- Grocery store

On Sunday we’ll meet at one of the time slots below at your choice of grocery store and pick up the ingredients you need for healthy and delicious meals.

Morning Session- 10am-2pm

Afternoon Session- 3pm- 7pm


At the grocery store, you'll learn… 

  • How to choose healthy brands

  • What ingredients to stay away from 

  • How to read food labels

  • What produce is important to buy organically and what items are less important (save $!)

  • How to choose meat and fish that is raised humanely and better for the planet

  • How to pick healthy cooking oils/fats

  • Best bread and pasta options available - the key is QUALITY wheat/milling processes

  • Choosing healthy snacks that will support your body and fuel you for your day

  • Healthy sweets and desserts- everyone deserves a treat!

  • Clean WINE options


Step 3- Prep

After shopping we’ll go to your kitchen where I'll help you prepare 2 healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinner options. 

Gluten-free? Keto? Paleo? Low FODMAP? Some weird diet for your thyroid condition? No problem. We can work to make great meals no matter your restrictions.


Want to invite your partner, parents, or friends? Bring them along! It’s an additional $100 per person. Food recommendations are individualized based on preferred diet and need for activity and digestive issues.

Kitchen REVAMP add-on- if you need to clear some unhealthy things from your fridge & pantry? Let’s do it! I’ll show you how to weed out the bad stuff and hang on to the good.

Cost- $100, add 1 hr to your appointment time. 

Additional costs are listed below for travel to:

Fort Collins- $50

Colorado Springs- $125

Silverthorne/Breckenridge- $200

Glenwood Spring and beyond- send me a message

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