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Natural Medicine

At Wholesome, we provide the ultimate in comprehensive natural medicine to help you tackle a wide variety of health issues. Because every physical symptom or condition has an energetic component, our bioenergetic approach and modalities can improve stubborn and treatment-resistant issues. Everything has an energetic frequency, and if there is an imbalance, we have ways to identify and correct it, leading to better health. Our bioenergetic approach is unique and not commonly found in America, yet it is practiced widely in Europe. We also incorporate more traditional natural healing methods, like herbs, supplements, and dietary changes, to address health issues from all sides, naturally.

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What to expect at a natural medicine appointment:

1. Health Assessment


Uncovering root causes of illness is essential, and one way we do this is by discussing symptoms & health history. We also utilize a detailed bioenergetic health assessment (Medicine Way scan). It shows us how your body systems/organs/bones/

tissues are functioning. You will learn so much about your whole body—things that may or may not appear in your doctor’s tests:

  • Issues that haven’t manifested physically yet, but that the energy indicates will arise if no changes are made (joint issues, organ insufficiency, circulation problems, etc). Dietary changes, herbs & supplements can help with prevention, along with Medicine Way and Auricular Therapy sessions (see #3 & #4).

  • Frequencies, and therefore the presence, of pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and parasites

  • Indication that your thyroid is struggling just enough to bring down your energy, but not enough to show abnormal in blood tests—very common

  • Imbalances in genes that are fueling health problems—this can be corrected bioenergetically

  • This is a game-changing system that illuminates root causes from the organ & tissue level, to the cellular level, and all the way down to the DNA level.

2. Identify Goals & Create Plan


Together we will define your primary health goals for the appointment. If you are dealing with lots of health issues, we will need to prioritize those that can and should be addressed first. The health assessment in step one will help inform the goals. Applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, will sometimes be used to determine herb or supplement suggestions. These will be noted on an Assessment & Recommendations Sheet that you will take with you (example below).

3. Medicine Way Rebalance


The Medicine Way is not only for assessment, it is used to correct the imbalances with bioenergy in order to alleviate or prevent health problems. This involves a non-invasive process that most clients don’t feel at all. Usually, regular corrective sessions are needed for a period of time to achieve results.

When a series of Medicine Way bioenergetic rebalancing sessions is completed, we can see progress made in subsequent scans. The imbalances are less significant, indicating that the health condition is improving. An example of this involves the multiple genes associated with blood sugar. When a client with active type 2 diabetes began consulting with me, he would receive regular Medicine Way sessions at the DNA level. His A1c would be checked regularly by his physician, and it would reduce significantly after a series of Medicine Way sessions. He was also avoiding sugar and eating more vegetables in order to promote a lower A1c. When we stopped doing the Medicine Way sessions on the blood sugar-related DNA, his A1c stopped improving like it was before, even though he continued the dietary improvements. We resumed the Medicine Way sessions, and his A1c began to reduce again. In the most significant drop, it reduced from 7.1 to 5.7 in a 3-month period, and he was then able to eliminate one of his medications for blood sugar management.

4. Auricular Therapy


This is an exceptionally effective therapy widely used by physicians in Europe as part of their practices. It is FDA-approved and endorsed by the World Health Organization for the treatment of 250 different health problems. The only known side effects reported have been a slight dip in blood sugar and/or feeling tired after treatment. I have not seen any clients experience symptoms of a dip in blood sugar, but I have seen lots of clients feeling quite relaxed immediately after treatment. Some cannot believe just how calm and balanced they feel. There are also clients who feel increased energy afterward. It’s all about correcting imbalances. I have personally seen improvements in anxiety/stress, sleep, pain, diabetic neuropathy, headaches, dermatitis, sinus problems/allergies, bladder control, irritability, oppositional defiant behaviors, and other conditions. More about Auricular Therapy.

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