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Detailed Health Assessment

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Every physical or emotional condition includes an energetic imbalance. We can uncover root causes of illness with a bioenergetic system called the Medicine Way that we can use to identify and correct the energetic imbalance. When we do this effectively, healing occurs.

Medicine Way Bioenergetic Scan & Rebalancing

Identifying the root cause

In order to improve your health, you must identify the root causes. Wholesome Massage & Natural Medicine employs the Medicine Way, a revolutionary non-linear system (NLS) through which energetic imbalances in organs, tissues, bones, cells, hormones, and even chromosomes can be identified. Clients simply wear headphones attached to the NLS, and most feel no sensation at all, during the non-invasive scanning process that can last 10-15 minutes as the system is assessing the frequencies of countless parts of the body.


This system is exceptionally effective for revealing challenges with organs or other parts of the body, that wouldn't normally be apparent through typical tests ordered by your doctor. It's also a great way to identify parasites or other pathogens weakening the body. It is the ultimate in preventive medicine, as it will detect and correct the bioenergy of a condition before it actually manifests.


Boosting health with the Medicine Way

The Medicine Way non-linear system is also used to correct these energetic imbalances, in order to restore proper function. Examples include boosting energy by targeting the mitochondria (energy center of cells) and alleviating blood sugar challenges by targeting related genes on multiple chromosomes.

Auricular Therapy’s powerful partner

At Wholesome, we combine the power of Medicine Way assessment with it’s capability to correct energetic imbalance, along with the astonishing results from Auricular Therapy. This combination provides improvement that clients can feel immediately. Multiple sessions with these therapies are often needed, especially for chronic conditions that have been present for many years.

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